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Bad Guys In Space Bad Guys In Space

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Magnificent voice acting.

The voice acting is excellent in this movie.

Chinaberry Tree Chinaberry Tree

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A surreal experience

Awesome styling in this Flash work. They came together to create a nice surrealistic mood; the author definitely achieved the "dreamy" atmosphere.

The animation was hit and miss. A few scenes seemed a little less refined as the rest. Some say a movie is only as good as the worst scene, but I disagree. The unrefined scenes do not detract from the overall goals, message and feel of the movie, making this one of the best videos I've seen.

The sound was equally well put together. One of the initial scenes, characters lighting up to the beat, was beautifully timed and complimented the music perfectly. The song's movements were also accompanied with great scene changes and visuals throughout the video.

I recommend this Flash piece for everyone. Even though the graphical style may not be your cup-of-tea, the movie delivers great examples of how to produce a cohesive music video through mood, scene changes, and timing.

Jeff in: The Taiga Jeff in: The Taiga

Rated 2 / 5 stars

A great product for a school project.

The piece was cute. Made for a school project, I'm sure the author's classmates and teachers enjoyed it. I'm sure the author also enjoyed making it. So, for all it's intents and purposes, this is a great Flash work.

Good job on the sound and syncing. The skewed images were a little cheesy, but effective nonetheless.

JillieFoo responds:

Thanks for the insight. I did the crappy pictures on purpose for 2 reasons. I wanted it to seem very silly, and I didn't want to make a background because I'm not specifcally good at it. but I might Remake this even better someday